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The eye has the ability to see huge variations in the luminescence or brightness of light but a digital sensor can capture only a much smaller range of luminosity. High Dynamic Range, or HDR, photography uses multiple exposures of the same subject to capture the high and low brightness of a scene. A software program re-assembles the image to capture a far greater range of brightness's, often with interesting effects, high contrasts and vivid color saturation.

Wide tonal ranges and sureal effects = HDR
New Hampshire--3Acadia-8345-EditNew Hampshire-0130-EditBig Bend-7403-EditCuster-5D-5545-EditBad Lands-5658-EditSilverton-3581-EditSilverton-3600-HDR-2Outer Banks-0937-EditGTNP-5024-EditGTNP-9147-EditGTNP-9175-EditYellowstone 6-15-0260-Edit-EditGTNP-0969-EditGTNP-0972-EditShane Cabin-1075-EditTreasure Falls-3366-EditGTNP-5039-EditDeath Valley-00996-HDR-EditSunset Bay-0042-Edit

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