21.Jerry Herman(non-registered)
A very nice series from your African trip. Thank you for the invitation to view them.
20.Larry Leonard
I enjoy the images more for having had the privilege to meet the artist. A very impressive body of work.
19.Lori Morrissey(non-registered)
Love your use of color. Your photos look great blown up in my living room and den!
17.Sue DeHaven(non-registered)
You have out done yourself again.
16.john downs(non-registered)
Terriffic photos, Loren.
15.Marc Levison(non-registered)

Great pics! I will check out the blogs and look through all the pictures later. Much more professional than my turist snapshots!
14.Dan Thompson(non-registered)
Very nice images. Love the flowers and the animals.
13.Mark Milunski(non-registered)
As always, beautiful pictures of the abundant natural beauty of America.
12.Barbara Hayton(non-registered)
I enjoy visiting your site and reading your blogs.
11.Robert F. Bragg(non-registered)
Great shots! Love the Bison!
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