About Natural Photography

I have had a camera of one sort or another in my hands since about age 8. When my Dad let me use his beloved Argus C-3 when I was in my early teens, I started buying Kodak black and white film in 100 foot reels and processing it in the school darkroom after hours. I was hooked on photography and read every book and manual I could find. During college and graduate professional training, photography took a backseat to my studies but I bought my first single lens reflex later in my training. After a couple of SLR upgrades I got my first digital camera and quickly recognized that when the sensor quality improved, film would be history. The next generation of digital cameras gave me the creative power of an SLR and I knew I wanted to create high quality images of the natural areas I was exploring. I was amazed at the immediate feedback and the high quality of the digital images. I started sharing these images and planned a retirement gift to myself of a good digital SLR and the accessories to capture high quality images.

In 2011 it all became a reality as I decided to travel and take photographs on a full-time basis. This "journey" began late 2010 and the travel started in March 2011. I spent nearly two years traveling among the national parks and public lands in the US and Canada to capture the beauty and harshness of nature in digital images and share these images with those who have similar interests. This was the the birth of Natural Photography. During these formative years I have built a portfolio of more than 20,000 photographs and continue to acquire the skills to capture and process digital images.

In the Autumn of 2012 Natural Photography moved to Jackson, Wyoming - arguably, the North American center of nature photography, and my nature photography portfolio has grown to almost 100,000 images.

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